It all starts in the vineyard

Fruits must go to the winery as soon as possible after harvesting so as not to lose their aroma. The fruit is stalked, placed in the press, or immediately goes to the tanks. Cooling occurs and the wine production process begins. The moment of fermentation is the most important, yeast consumes the natural sugars contained in the fruit, turning them into alcohol.

Fermentation process and aging

It is a process that lasts about a couple of weeks, but the wine is not ready for consumption yet. It takes at least a few months for young wine to have time to clarify and get the maximum of its potential. After fermentation, the wine goes to the tanks or oak barrels depending on the type of product we want to get.

Create process

Our team knows the land and fruit. No fruit is picked until we taste it.

Our approach

Creating wine is not a job, but a craft like a painter or sculptor. The oenologist models and then shapes his product to get his work of art. This is what wine is, the result of artistry.