Start of the project

The idea was born in the head of a brave and ambitious girl - Irmina Szpak and her two Italian friends who work in the wine industry in Italy.
Many studies have been carried out on the climate of the different Polish geographical areas. Soils and environments have been analysed. In the end the choice fell on the hills of Trzebnica.


Establishment of a vineyard

First hectare of vineyard was planted and building of a high technology winery.


Planting new grapes

In 2018, we planted another hectare, choosing international grape varieties such as Chardonnay and Merlot, which are famous for producing excellent wines.


First imbottling and selling

In 2018 the first wines were bottled and launched on the market, starting to gain success from the market and international competitions.


The theme of the vineyard

Planting vines and at the same time thinking about the final product which is wine that will be made from it is not easy. First of all, you must have vision, passion and talent – while being ready for sacrifices. From the moment of planting to the first sip of wine, years go by, when faith and patience are often put to a hard test. These are years of work without being able to see the final product right away. However, when it is already possible to taste the wine awaited for the first time, fatigue and effort disappear, tense muscles relax, and the smile returns to the face. It is a moment of regeneration, when the strength returns to start the whole process, he is new with doubled strength. Wine is pure energy concentrated in a glass.