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Wine is pure energy concentrated in a glass!

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From the first hectare we produced our wines called Sol Sol and Czas Na.

In 2018, we planted another hectare, choosing international grape varieties such as Chardonnay and Merlot, which are famous for producing excellent wines, but for which we will have to wait until 2020, when the first production begins.

The distance between the rows allows the leaves to be properly shaded from the early hours of the morning, while the strategic exposure of the field to the south-east allows for an appropriate thermal “shock” in the morning when the sun rises.

Temperature amplitude is an essential aspect of the rich aromas of grapevines.

The first record of viniculture in this place was recorded in Medieval times (1216), when Pope Innocent III used to invite the Polish Church to celebrate Mass using wines of the Cistercian Convent in Trzebnica. Such documents also show the first records of vine cultivation in Stobno, Ścinawa and Ostrowice.