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We have experience in producing great wines!


Winnica L’Opera was founded in 2014 when the first vines were planted in the Bassa Slesia territory, on the hills of Trzebnica.

Slow maturation, precision and passion are the founding values of the Winnica L’Opera project which make our wines ideal for clients who already appreciate quality, innovation and minimalist design. Such quality has already been recognised by experts in the field and prizes won at several contests.

It took about a year to research and analyze the climate of various areas of Poland. After detailed verification, it turned out that the most advantageous area for viticulture, both in terms of location and climatic factors, is the vicinity of the Trzebnickie Hills.

The selected region became the object of research. The land, hills and history of the place were analyzed. An interesting fact is that grapevines were grown on the Trzebnica hills over a century ago and you can still find places here that still remind you of it.

Winnica L'Opera

L’Opera Vineyard, through skilful processing of grapes grown with the utmost care, proves that the Polish lands are able to offer you experiences of the highest quality, producing one of the noblest man-made wines, namely – WINE.

Knowledge, passion, fertile soil, the right climate and a combination of Italian-Polish hearts – these are just some of the elements that allow you to create the best quality wines for you.

Years and years pass from the moment of planting to the first sip of wine, when faith and patience are often put to a hard test. These are years of work without seeing the end product right away. However, when it is possible to taste the awaited wine for the first time, the fatigue and effort disappear, tense muscles relax, and the smile returns to the face. This is the moment of regeneration, when the strength to start the whole process is restored and it is new with double strength. Wine is pure energy concentrated in a glass.

Making wine is not a job, but a skill like a painter or sculptor. The oenologist models and then shapes his product to produce his work of art. This is what wine is, the result of artistry.

(OWNER VINEYARD) Maurizio Sacconi

The L’Opera Winnica logo represents a musical stave with lines which mimic the shapes made by hills in the area.

Our logo incorporates two concepts:

The concept of art, because the entire winemaking process is a unique art which begins whenever winemaker starts to craft their work of art – creating wine from grapes as a composer transforms the musical notes on the page into a symphony.

The logo also expresses a connection to the land and to the soil where the grapes are planted, its climate and location that allow our grapes to mature and provide the unique flavours and aromas distinct to the area.