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Solaris – Helios

Cabernet Cantor – Cabernet Cortis – Baron

Solaris–Solira – Orange Wine

Off-dry White Wine


White wine obtained from Solaris grape

Bright yellow colour, elevated finesse and vivacity Rich aromas of citrus fruits and sage, typical of the aging of the Solaris grape in a fresh climate. Rich in the mouth with lasting fruity flavours and freshness.

Alcohol content: 13% vol / Serving temperature: 12-13°C

The Production Process:

The Solaris grapes were collected in two stages: at the beginning, not yet completely ripe, the fruits were subjected to malolactic fermentation, the ripe grapes were collected in the second stage to have a perfect balance of sweet aromas and acidity.

Following fermentation, the wines were assembled and left to mature for a further six months. Throughout this period the “Battonage” was carried out every 15 days, so that the proteins present in the yeast are released which contribute to enriching and giving body to the taste of the wine. After aging, the wine was filtered and bottled.

After the maturation period, the wine was filtered and bottled.

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A white wine obtained from the following varieties: Solaris – Helios

Golden yellow in colour; with intense and complex aromas. Notes of ripe tropical fruits such as Pineapple, Apricot spice sensations,. On the palate it is long and full with a delicious finish of honey and vanilla, due to the maturation in oak, well balanced with a long persistent acidity.

Alcohol content: 13,5% vol / Serving temperature: 12-13°C

The Production Process:

Solaris grape used for Czas Na is harvested a couple of weeks later then the grape for SolSol. that’s because it wait the right maturation of the other component: Helios. This grape is a low productive grape, but very intriguing, maturing at the beginning of October.

Juice is static clarified and allocate into the new french oak barrel, Allier forest, where the fermentation takes place. Then a partial malolactic fermentation occurs, to round the palate and decrease the verticality of the wine.

Both fermentations, alcoholic and malolactic, permit to the wine to absorb and integrate the entire bouquet of aromas coming from the oak, and to get more delicate notes in the palate, enriching the body sensations.

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Red wine obtained from the following variety: Cabernet Cantor – Cabernet Cortis – Baron

Rich wine, elegant and medium bodied, with evident notes of red fruit and black spices, vanilla and white chocolate. The wine, during the aging in barrel, gains complexity and becomes rounder, softening the tannic sensations.

Alcohol content: 13% vol / Serving temperature: 12-13°C

The Production Process:

20 days between fermentation and maceration on the skin in stainless steel tanks, followed by malolactic fermentation.

The after two months of relax in steel, the wine is moved into fench oak barrels, Allier of second using, where it mature for twelve months. Then the wine is filtered and bottled.

Before to be released on the market, the wine mature for further 3 months in bottle.

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Solaris–Solira – orange wine

Two sisters, two very particular grapes, with skins rich in phenols, and aromatically loaded with thiol precursors. The ideal elements for a wine macerated on the skin.

Alcohol content: 13% vol / Serving temperature: 12-16°C


Grapes are harvested in late October, when skin has reached its perfect ripeness. After destemming and crushing, everything, skins and juice, is placed directly in the tanks where fermentation will take place. No yeast or sulphites are added. Naturally fermentation occurs, and when all the sugars have been consumed, the tank is closed, with all its contents still inside. 15 more days of contact between skins and wine, until the two parts are separated. Wine is left to rest for another 8months with is ownlees, so coarsely filtered and bottled..


Intense matte orange. Pronounced, complex aromas of dried tropical fruits, spice and flowers evolving in the glass. Strong vegetal and savoury herbs sensation. Full bodied, rich palate of ripe white fruit, dried apricot and spice. Lots of acidity and tannin. Medium long finish.

LIMITED EDITION: 531 bottles produced in 2018 vintage

Hand numbered and labelled

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Off-dry White Wine

A perfect blend of different varieties, selected for their enhanced aromatic bouquet. A sin the Opera, where Janusz looks for Halka in the garden calling her by the name of the flowers, we find in this wine the freshness, sweetness and aromaticity of the protagonist who lives her love on a cool summer evening.

Alcohol content: 12,5% vol / Serving temperature: 12-13°C / Redisual sugar: 16 grams per liter


The entire wine making process – from cold maceration with oxygen reduction to temperature -controlled fermentation – is care fully managed as to allow the natural development and expression of the rich fragrances of these with grapes. Chardonnay to give freshness and verticality, Bronner to give body and sweetness, and Muscaris to create a perfect aromatic balance.


Color: vibrant light yellow.

Bouquet: typical perfumes of white flowers, lilies and roses, with smooth citrus notes. Every sipconveys extreme fruitiness balanced by a pleasant crispness.

Flavor: Well balanced sweetness, fresh and very long palate.


Try it as a surprising aperitif and during your social gatherings. Perfect with Asian cuisine and with sour -sweet salads. Or to be savoured with typical Polish cuisine such as Placki ziemniaczane ze śmietaną or Kaczka ze śliwkami.

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